DOB: 1953
Born: Ithaca, New York

About Artist:
Born in Ithaca, New York in 1953, Victoria Block is a landscape painter and ceramicist who lives and works in Montreal. She studied at York University in Toronto and obtained her BFA from Concordia in 1978. Since then she has regularly exhibited in solo and group shows and her work is in public and private collections around the world.


  • Canadian Embassies in China, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Guatemala, and in the House of Commons in Ottawa, Ontario.

Victoria Block is originally from the United States; she studied art in Toronto and later in Montreal with one of her first exhibitions in Montreal in the late 1980's at Muse des Beaux Arts. Her paintings have been exhibited in Beijing, Paris, and major Canadian cities.

Victoria's chosen medium, the gritty amalgam of gesso and sand combined with oils, produce gardens of dense thickets and the grasses which seem to have lost their form, now tangled and massed into a textured universe. Dense with layers of colour and texture, speckled with dots of colour that hover on the surface like minute insects. "I evoke places that people love in their memories."
Victoria Block's works are held by numerous major corporate and private collectors around the world.