About Artist:
I have been painting the western Canadian landscape for over 35 years. I am primarily self taught. Some influences are other Canadians such as Tom Thomson, David Milne, the group of seven and Emily Carr.
There are two themes within my work. The paintings express my spiritual connection to the earth while my human isolation is ever present. A dialectic of seemingly opposing forces draws me on wards.

Painting is solitary a confrontation of the silent land, in a silent studio. My work is heuristic: a journey towards self-awareness and communication, with the hope that others will find a sense of commonalty and resonance in my work from which they can rediscover themselves and their connections to the land.


  • Tomís work can be found in a multitude public and private collections throughout Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia
  • Some public collections are: The Alberta Art Foundation, Canadian Utilities Ltd., Chase Communications, Place Crete Inc., Royal Alex Hospital and many others.