DOB: 1942
Born: South Africa

About Artist:
Kiff loves to paint expressive, evocative figurative pieces as well as concrete subject matter, explored through abstract design. He currently works almost exclusively in oils or egg tempera. Accomplished in clasical technique he does not impose boundaries on himself.

His paintings explore his experience of light, its ability to reveal and conceal, to define and cloud, and to excite and calm.

Shows & Exhibitions:

  • 1987 Harrison Galleries, Vancouver
  • 1988 Harrison Galleries, Vancouver
  • 1989 Harrison Galleries, Vancouver
  • 1992 Harrison Galleries, Vancouver
  • 1995 Harrison Galleries, Vancouver
  • 1996 Harrison Galleries, Vancouver
  • 1998 Harrison Galleries, Vancouver
  • 2000 Harrison Galleries, Vancouver
  • 2002 Harrison Galleries, Vancouver
  • 2004 Harrison Galleries, Vancouver
  • 2005 Harrison Galleries, Calgary


  • Major private and corporate collections throughout the world


  • - American Watercolour Society, Signature Member
  • - Federation of Canadian Artists, Senior Member (SFCA)
  • - Society Canadienne de l'Aquarelle (SCA)
  • - Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour (CSPWC)
  • - Canadian Institute of Portrait Artists (CIPA)

"There is always another way of seeing and another way of interpreting"

Born in South Africa, Kiff Holland received his formal training at the University of Witwatersrand and the Johannesburg School of Art. He moved to Canada in 1975; over the years he became recognized for his marine landscapes and luminous still-life watercolours. Kiff is a faculty member teaching in Design and Illustration at Capilano College, North Vancouver.

Kiff Holland is a past president of the Federation of Canadian Artists and was elected signature member of the American Watercolor Society in 1992. Kiff was again recognized with an award by the AWS in 2006.

He is a member of the Societe Canadienne de l'Aquarelle (SCA), the Canadian Societyof Painters in Watercolour (CSPWC), and the Canadian Institute of Portrait Artists (CIPA). Kiff Holland has conducted workshops across Canada, the United States, France, and Spain.

Kiff has received numerous awards from the Federation of Canadian Artists, and more recently, first place from the Northwest Watercolour Society. His work has been in the exhibitions of the British Institute of Painters in Watercolour and the Royal Society of British Artists.

Recent publications include: "The Watercolour Landscape Techniques of 23 International Artists," International Artist Publishing Inc., 2003.

"Design and Composition Secrets of Professional Artists," International Artist Publishing Inc.. 2001.