DANIEL IZZARD (1923 - 2007)


DOB: 1923
Born: London, England

About Artist:
A painter with tremendous range and vitality, Daniel is well known for his powerful, dramatic landscapes of British Columbia and his compelling impressions of waterfronts and harbours. He is an impressionist with a bold and emotional approach to his subjects, creating paintings in which the texture and separation of colours within vigorous brushwork promotes great excitement.

Shows & Exhibitions:

  • 1968 Mexico
  • 1971 - 1974 Norway, Spain, Morocco
  • 1975 British Columbia, Alaska
  • 1981 Italy
  • 1982 Israel, Turkey
  • 1983 Western Arctic, Alaska
  • 1984 British Columbia
  • 1985 India
  • 1986 Harrison Galleries, Vancouver
  • 1988 harrison Galleries, Vancouver
  • 1996 Harrison Galleries, Vancouver


  • Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh
  • Simon Fraser University
  • Expo '86 (Vancouver, B.C.)
  • Many private and corporate collections worldwide


  • Ontario Institute of Painters
  • Senior Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists

"Drawing is, I think, the basic element of good painting. And I mean drawing in the true sense, in the old academic sense. To be able to do portrait, a figure, a nude, and have it right. If you can draw spontaneously, without the use of a rubber eraser or anything, just do it and get it done and its finished, that's what I'm talking about. Without touching it or retouching it. That is, I think, the measure of an artist. Painting is an extension beyond that, but without the ability to draw, you wouldn't be able to make a good representative or impressionistic painting. When I choose a scene - a landscape, for instance - I sketch quickly, perhaps several sketches on site. And sometimes, I make notes on colour. Then, when I am back in the studio, I simply sketch with paint right on the canvas. Sometimes a very quick painting turns out to be a masterpiece, but if you start poking at it and poking at it, it starts to get more and more boring. Overworked. I like spontaneous brushwork, the very direct approach. A nice juicy painting. Little fiddly brushwork bothers me."

His search for inspiration has taken him to many parts of the world, including North Africa, the Middle East, South America, throughout Europe, India, Southeast Asia, Japan and Western Canada. In late November 1985, Daniel Izzard was found to be suffering from irreversible heart disease and subsequently underwent an operation, making history as Canada's oldest heart transplant recipient, from which he is well recovered. In the past 25 years, Izzard has had forty one-men exhibitions and his work hangs in many public, private and corporate collections around the world.