About Artist:
Stewart has extensive training in the arts with a 4 yr Associate diploma in Drawing and Painting from the Ontario College of Art (OCAD) as well as having graduated from Sheridan College's Classical Animation program. Jones has also been a regular sessional instructor of life drawing, drawing/ painting and Life Like Drawing for Fine Oak Art School and The Drake Hotel in Toronto. This year marks his 6th year participating in the Toronto Artist Project as well as having exhibited at the AQUAMIAMI exhibition in Miami with AWOL Gallery December 2012. Stewart is a founding member of painting collectives CityFieldNorthShore and CanadianArtCollective.

Jones is also involved in the Canadian independent music scene having worked on videos for K-OS, Jenn Grant and Cuff The Duke as well as having worked with and created album artwork for Jill Barber, Wayne Petti, Cuff The Duke, Polaris and Juno nominated Justin Rutledge and Polaris and Juno winning Sarah Harmer. Stewart designed the packaging for Sarah's Juno winning Music DVD 'Escarpment Blues' as well as the record art for Juno winning Gold Record 'I'm A Mountain' in 2005. Stewart was involved with the Juno award winning RUMBLESEAT for music video of the year 2012, having designed the background painting and layout elements for the short.
Stewart continues to paint from his travels and has exhibited work from New York City, Chicago, Brooklyn, Havana, Glasgow, Paris, Bordeaux, London, Vancouver, Hamilton and of course, Toronto where he currently resides.

I paint what I know. What interests me is what happens in shadows and how the cityscape relates to its sky. As minutes and hours pass through a day, the character of a space changes. I look to capture the essence of that space as it exists and capture its mood in portrait. There is a single line which divides the urban landscape from the sky. The shapes cut by the wires and cast shadows are what catch my attention and in turn are the principle subjects of my paintings.