DOB: Dec-04-1942
Born: Vancouver, BC

About Artist:
In order to collect material for his paintings, Ron and his family have lived next to the Rocky Mountains and on Vancouver Island. Numerous articles have been written about his work in national magazines, and his paintings have been reproduced in books, including a collaboration with poet David Bouchard, "Voices from the Wild", and a book of his own, "Rocky Mountain Wildlife", both published by Raincoast Books. Ron is also a landscape artist and a portraitist.

Shows & Exhibitions:

  • 1981 - Hyatt Regency Hotel, Vancouver
  • 1983 - Beckett Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario
  • 1985 - Farquhar Place, Vancouver, BC
  • 1985 - Beckett Gallery, Vancouver, BC
  • 1986 - Pacific Wildlife Gallery, Lafayette, California
  • 1987 - Pacific Wildlife Gallery, Lafayette, California
  • 1988 - Backett Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario
  • 1989 - Pacific Wildlife Gallery, Lafayette, California
  • 1989 - Frameworks and Wildlife Gallery, barneveld, NY
  • 1991 - Pacific Wildlife Gallery, Lafayette, California
  • 1993 - Grasslands Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
  • 1993 - Westin Bayshore, Vancouver, BC
  • 1993 - Rocky Mountain Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
  • 1994 - Featured Artist, Vancouver International Wildlife Show, Vancouver, BC
  • 1995 - Harrison Galleries, Vancouver, BC
  • 1996 - Harrison Galleries, Vancouver, BC
  • 1997 - Harrison Galleries, Vancouver, BC
  • 2000 - Harrison Galleries, Vancouver, BC


  • Major private and corporate collections throughout the world

"My objectives for painting vary, but most often, the objective is to depict the bird or animal in a natural and usually typical environment or situation. My ideas or concepts usually come from something I have seen while doing fieldwork or from an abstract composition. In most paintings, I try to convey a mood or feeling that will evoke an emotional response in the viewer. This may be almost entirely due to the rendering of the background of the painting and have a little to do with the species portrayed. In most pieces, I also try to depict a scene from foreground to horizon to try and give depth to the painting, although I also do paintings that are just segments of what could be a complete scene."

Ron Parker started his career as an artist at the age of 35, after being inspired by an exhibition of original bird paintings by Fenwick Lansdowne. Using watercolours, he began doing vignetted paintings of birds and mammals. Within four months he was selling originals through the Harrison Gallery in Vancouver. As a young man, Ron had been a basketball player and the Canadian Decathlon Champion in 1966. Using the discipline and perseverance learned in his athletic training, he applied himself full time to improving his art. In 1982, Mill Pond Press began publishing limited edition prints of his work. In the twenty years since, Ron continued to improve his artwork, creating over 400 wildlife paintings, moving from watercolour illustrations to acrylic paintings that create mood and feeling in their depictions of animals in their natural settings.