DOB: Aug-09-1975
Born: Bracebridge, Ontario

About Artist:
Michael is a graduate of Simon Fraser University with a degree in human geography. He is surrounded by art and artists; painting alongside Travis and Bewabon Shilling. "The essence of painting is responding to an experience. Whether it be a model, a still life, or a mindscape, painting feels like an honest and truthful moment of reflection." Scott's paintings have evolved into highly considered artworks that go beyond representation to examine the human condition. His landscapes are similarly intense studies that transcend surface features and present the environment within the framework of mood.

Shows & Exhibitions:

  • 2007 Gallery on Queen, Toronto, Ontario
  • 2006 Silverbridge Gallery, Bracebridge, Ontario
  • 2006 Sir Sam Steele Art Centre, Orillia, Ontario
  • 2005 McClaren Art Centre, Barrie, Ontario
  • 2004 Zephyr Gallery, Orillia, Ontario
  • 2004 Shilling Studio, Rama, Ontario

"Painting is responding to people, and the world around you at all times."

Scott's chosen sport, snowboarding, was "an unbounded arena for creative expression."