DOB: Sep-02-1936
Born: Vancouver, BC 1936

About Artist:
Marke's paintings are instantly recognizable by their bold, sure, and direct technique, blending a quality of romanticism with stark reality. His paintings are expressions of his love of nature, and his work reflects the power and beauty of the British Columbia coast. His ability to capture the mood and action of the open sea is outstanding. Strongly influenced by the marine scapes and the remote wilderness areas of his native British Columbia, Marke alternates with ease between landscapes and marine painting.


  • Mr. Simmons has had many successful one-man exhibitions and his paintings hang in private collections in many parts of the world including Canada, United States, England, Hong Kong, Hawaii and Japan.

"As a perfectionist, more than half my work is discarded. My future is dedicated to the continuous study and observation of nature.."

Following his studies at the Vancouver School of Art, Marke spent a number of years in outdoor and advertising display reproduction. In the world of advertising, Marke became the head artist, and later, art director of a major advertising firm. In 1972 he left the advertising business to devote his time to painting.